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Shawn Crane

ShawnCraneMother of three children ages 21-13. As a homeschool support group leader she has had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of parents in educational and parenting philosophy. She was introduced to Thomas Jefferson Education in 1999 and began incorporating its key principles into her family’s education and that of her community.

Shawn is the founder and director of Youth Leadership Project and Crane Academy of Excellence both in the Los Angeles area. These two organizations offer enrollment and classes for homeschooling students using TJEd principles. She is the owner of TJEd M.U.S.E. (Mentors in Support of Education) a Yahoo group for those families implementing the principles of Thomas Jefferson Education. She has served as President of the of the Leadership Education Mentoring Institute (L.E.M.I.) Mentors Association since 2003. She is currently pursuing a Masters degree in education from George Wythe University. Shawn and her husband Andy reside with their three children in West Hills, California.


Elizabeth Sanders

ElizabethSanders Elizabeth Sanders and her husband Don have five children, three of whom are married—currently seven grandchildren—and have been homeschooling more than 20 years, using Susan Kovalik’s brain-compatible model of integrated thematic instruction with a yearlong theme. Elizabeth first attended the Face to Face with Greatness seminars in 2005 and then took Don to hear Dr. Oliver DeMille when he spoke at the CHN Expo in June of 2006. They have always used the principles of leadership education to some degree, but hearing about TJEd produced some epiphanies that allowed for an even better learning environment for their younger scholar-age children. Elizabeth says that perhaps the best thing she did was to put Daniel in charge of scheduling his education when he reached scholar phase; and if 18-year-old Daniel were in town, we would probably include him in the panel lineup, but he is away at school. (Daniel is equally proficient in violin & piano and held his senior recital this past December to a full hall; he was also the bass soloist in a performance of Haydn’s Requiem for the college choir. He completed 30+ units at the local community college (earning a 4.0) before transferring to the university, and these were tough courses like music harmony, calculus, biology, and English. He participated in the local homeschool Shakespeare troupe for three years, performing the role of MacBeth to rave reviews.) Elizabeth has also supported the TJEd community by opening her home for scholar classes to be held there, hosting the FATJEF committee meetings, and hosting a Five Pillar study group that has just completed its fifth year of regular monthly meetings.

Janeen Dell’Acqu

JaneenDelAcquaJaneen Dell’Acqua and her husband have been married 25 years and have three children ranging in age from 13 to 20. Her oldest went to a public school for kindergarten at an award winning school in an award winning school district and because of this “wonderful” experience they began their homeschool journey. Being fiercely independent, Janeen has always filed as a private school with the state and continues to be an advocate for families to use this educational option. She heard Oliver DeMille speak about TJEd long before his book was in print, but in order for TJEd to work for her family, she had to read between the lines and listen with different ears, as his message did not speak completely to her. Over time, Janeen spoke with Oliver about the message he was sending and how exclusive it was and made suggestions as how to make it more inclusive. She believes everyone needs to know about leadership education, not just a single segment of the population. She was born and raised in San Diego and now lives on five quiet acres in the northern part of the county. She enjoys yard work, gardening, working out, studying about nutrition and engaging in controversial topics of conversation. She earned a BA in Anthropology from UCLA in 1980.

Richard Ortiz


He is a product of living the leadership education model from birth. He is an eagle scout and graduated from college the week after his 20th birthday. Now in his late twenties, he owns his own insurance and financial services agency. His full-time mission is fortifying his personal relationships as he and his wife rear their three little ones. He currently is engaged in a georgic endeavor to create a learning model for his children: chickens, ducks, bees, orchard, garden, goats, etc. Richard is an avid reader and tries to be an informed citizen; he is currently enrolled in the Foundations of Liberty course through Monticello College.


bryan bio

Bryan Petersen and his wife Diana have been married 24 years, have 5 kids and have been homeschooling only 9 years, ever since moving to San Diego. Bryan received his B.S . in Information Management from Brigham Young University and is currently a Masters of Political Economy candidate at George Wythe University, graduating in 2013. Bryan has 3 daughters currently in college, 2 of whom attend George Wythe University. Bryan was a hesitant husband as his wife jumped headfirst into the world of homeschooling. She finally convinced him to go listen to Dr. DeMille at a #3 Face to Face with greatness and he saw the light. He knew then he had to be part of the “great debate” as Dr. DeMille called it. It had reawakened a love for the Founders and the truths they taught in creating our nation. He is also in his third year of mentoring Key of Liberty at United Scholar Academy. A panel of experienced TJEd veterans will respond to your questions about implementing leadership education in your home.

Face to Face

If you have been waiting for another Face to Face with Greatness seminar series to be offered in southern California so your spouse or other family members could attend, here is your opportunity.

I am hosting the first seminar of the series on Friday & Saturday, September 14 & 15, 2007, in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This is the one recommended by Dr. DeMille at our Forum in April.

As you know, the Face to Face with Greatness seminars provide a more in-depth understanding of what constitutes a leadership education (TJEd), how to get one, and why a leadership education is so critical for our children to have.

The presenters are drawn from the faculty and staff of George Wythe College, and they are excellent!

More information about this specific seminar can be found here:

However, because I have been out of town most of the summer and have not been able to advertise or cajole you, the early bird price will stay in effect for at least another week -- $160 per adult and $80 per scholar-age youth.

You should also be aware that there is now a hardback edition of A Thomas Jefferson Education available, and Diann Jeppson has co-authored A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion with the DeMilles. Both can be obtained from or the college's bookstore.

Any questions about TJEd, GWC, or the seminar series call.

~Deena Ortiz~
(909) 980-3503
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Schedule 2012

  • SCHEDULE 2012
      Registration                      8:30 a.m. Welcome                          ...

The Classic Track

The Classic Track
A classic is a work that can be revisited over and over again with new epiphanies gained from each experience. The lectures of the Face to Face with Greatness seminar series are definitely classics. Because...

Session I - 11AM- noon

Jet Fuel for Home Schooling Session I  11 – noon -- followed by a 15’ break -- Hour 1 of the classic track: the basics of TJEd The secret to Thomas Jefferson Education is a little known principle...

Session II- 12:15 - 1:15 PM

The Four Vital Phases of Stellar Learning Human brain development is not a tidy process depicted by a gradually ascending line on a graph. It can be messy and sporadic, better illustrated by a series...

Session III -2:30-3:30 PM

Your Questions Answered A panel of experienced TJEd veterans will respond to your questions about implementing leadership education in your home.

Session IV - 3:45-4:45

The Seven Keys of Remarkable Teaching Hour two covers the different phases that your student will go through during the formative years. Now let’s talk about how you can become a Master Teacher. There...

Session V - 5-6 PM

A Revolutionary Life How to Transform a Your Life into Something Extraordinary! In high school, I had a secret desire to do something revolutionary. Usually, I envisioned staging a walk-out after the...